The Galactic Republic is no more. The Jedi are extinct. In it’s place a new power has risen: The Galactic Empire. Powerful and vast, the Emperor’s forces rule the stars with an iron fist. Uncompromising. Confident in their dominion over the galaxy. Corruption is everywhere, and justice non existent.

But opportunity abounds – many risk it all to make a fortune among the stars. There is always a need for certain goods to slip past Imperial customs, for vengeance to be brought against the wrong doers, for the fire of freedom to swell in the hearts of the oppressed. The Empire is everywhere, but not invincible.

Darkness dwells in the hearts of every being, but all is not lost. Flickers of light, struggling against the evil of the Empire, are everywhere. Even now, on the planet Guywin’s Flight, a group of beings struggle against the Empire: for profit, for justice, for hope…

Dark Times on Guywin's Flight

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