Bidi Martel

Information Broker


A pale-skinned Twi’lek, usuall dressed in comfortable, fashionable clothing with some semi-precious stones set in rings on his head lekku. Shifty-eyed and suspicious by nature, Bidi doesn’t trust others easily and it has kept him alive so far. His sharp fingernails are fequently lacquered in dark cool colors, clashing with his golden eyes. In public, he tends to frequent hookah dens to enjoy a smoke and a drink, while catching up on current events in the local news net.


Bidi Martel is the man to see if you’re looking for secrets and information in Twindale. Playing dual roles as salesman and informant, he has stayed out of a holding cell and on the right side with the authorities thus far. An independent operator, Bidi prefers not to take sides in the dust-ups between the local manufacturing workers, the seedy underside of the starport, or the Empire. His loyalty only lasts as long as your credits do, but his sources are impeccable, and he can find what you’re looking to know.

Bidi Martel

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