Brother Kooth

B'omarr Monk, Civic Leader


Brother Kooth is a slender human with light skin and dark hair, of indeterminate age, always seen in long dark clothing and distinctive tall hat typical of those in his religion. Soft spoken and pleasant to all he meets, Kooth is perceived as a calming influence on those around him.


Brother Kooth first came to Guywin’s Flight soon after the Empire established control over the galaxy at large. He opened a small mission in the capital city of Twindale, where he spreads his message of peace through enlightenment, and coaches those who would find a new life in the B’omarr Order.

An active member of the community, Kooth is equally welcome at the Governor’s mansion or the dock yards. A voice of reason, he is called upon by the locals and the Empire alike to settle arguments and disputes of all kinds. Willing to have a quiet chat with anyone he meets, few citizens on Guywn’s Flight are as respected or looked up to than Brother Kooth.

Brother Kooth

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