Chief Trask

Senior ISB Officer for Guywin's Flight


An unassuming man, Chief Willum Trask is of average height and fit human with tanned skin from many hours in the field. A very serious man, with creases around the mouth and eyes from an almost perpetual scowl on his face.


Chief Trask is head of the military police force on Guywin’s Flight, the ISB. He personally leads investigations of smuggling, insurgency or unrest within the cities of the world, with a dogged determination. Not afraid to lead from the front, Trask can be seen at the head of raids of suspected illegal activity.

Born and raised on Imperial Center, Trask has a certain subtle sneer in his posture, tone of voice and even look of most of the populace. Respected and feared by the people of Guywin’s Flight, he is not well liked in the upper circles of society, but his authority is without question. Trask doesn’t care, he isn’t in his line of work to make friends, but to seek the Emperor’s justice.

Chief Trask

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