Dani Moss'arel'ty'sis'pert (Mozz)

Bartender, Heart-breaker, Ex-Ganger


A beautiful pink skinned Zeltron, with dark hair cut short. Typically wearing what some think of as local misfit wear, or gang colors, which match some faded tattoos on her arms. Bright eyed with a dazzling smile, her charms are legendary in Twindale.


Blasting in from off world (though where the rumors disagree), Mozz found herself swept up in the hectic lifestyle of the local swoop gangs, never staying too long in any particular allegiance. Formerly the lover of the leader of the biggest swoop gang, Suvo Soammu, she has managed to avoid making enemies of the rival thugs in the port city of Twindale. After making a hefty windfall she opened up her own cantina, Mozz’s.

Mozz’s bar is a destination for after shift workers and most anyone passing through in Twindale. Beings of all types from on and off world pass through, making it a popular place for business deals, both scrupulous and otherwise. Breaking form, she has happily made herself a fixture of Twindale.

She employs a brooding, if amiable Barabel by the name of Fivvish Khatol, who bounces unruly guests out the door. Her closest friends include Xozall, and Wol Barro whom she pays under the table from time to time to fix up things in her bar.

Dani Moss'arel'ty'sis'pert (Mozz)

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