Elya Tapaan

Dilettante, Heiress


A lightly short human female, with dark skin, eyes and hair offset with brightly colored clothes and fine materials. Typically flashing a brilliant smile in conversation, making her feel like a friend to all. Despite her obvious wealth and station, she seems approachable and very likeable.


The daughter of Banaa Tapaan, Elya Tapaan is a vivacious young woman, involved in the affairs of all political life on Guywin’s Flight, and has made it her mission to improve the quality of her homeworld for all. She has made friends in every corner of high society, but none could really call themselves truly close to her. Frequently outspoken on the subject of worker’s rights and equality for non-humans, she has come close to crossing the line to an official Imperial investigation.

Fortunately for her, money and influence have more sway over the local authorities than idealistic outspokenness, and she has never been seriously considered a source of any disruption or influence. Often overlooked, she decries any violent demonstrations and spends a great deal of her own time and resources to encourage peaceful solutions and to work inside the system for the betterment of all.

Elya Tapaan

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