First Minister Yarlewe

Imperial Governor of Guywin's Flight


A middle-aged human of average height and build. Despite being retired from military service, he tends to wear his dress uniform on many occasions, showing off his awards and decorations for his service in the Clone Wars.

Cool headed and slow to anger, Tivick Yarlewe is a well respected and feared man on his homeworld of Guywin’s Flight. He likes it that way, and isn’t above brute force to get his point across.


Minister Yarlewe is the high executive power on Guywin’s Flight. He oversees all Imperial activity in the system, and acts as vice governor for the Terril Sector.

A Navy veteran of the Clone Wars, Yarlewe retired from active military service a few years after the conclusion of the war. Thanks to his personal wealth and familial connections his seat as minister was assured. In the decade of his rule, Guywin’s Flight has gone from a relative backwater to a bustling industrial center, with many factories and an expansion to the main starport of Twindale pushed forward by his administration. Thanks to canny negotiations and a ruthless acumen for business, Yarlewe has personally pushed his homeworld to the forefront of local politics, industry and commerce.

His administration hasn’t been without setbacks. Most of the workforce of Guywin’s Flight receive meager wages and pitiful living conditions at the cost of rapid expansion and swift delivery of finished goods. Sienar Fleet Systems and even Kuat Drive Yards contract with local manufacturing for many components necessary to upkeep the Imperial war machine. Worker unrest is common, but the stormtroopers provided for planetary security ensure it doesn’t get out of hand.

In recent months, pirate activity has surged in the Terril Sector, plaguing shipping lanes and cutting into production and profits. Minister Yarlewe has increased patrols around Guywin’s Flight hoping to stem the criminal activity and root out wherever the pirate’s shadow port may be, eliminating them for good.

First Minister Yarlewe

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