Fivvish Khatol

Barabel Bouncer, Gambler, Thug


A two meter plus tall reptilian humanoid, with green scales and a lipless mouth full of razor-sharp teeth. Her yellow eyes have a tendency to fixate on a person unblinkingly, which is unnerving enough without the muscle behind it. Wearing loose fatigues or sometimes a jacket with a ripped-off swoop ganger’s emblem, typically smoking tabacc in small rolls tucked between her teeth.


Fivvish had been a vagabond in the galaxy for years before the Clone Wars and took the occasional enforcement jobs, protecting VIP’s for both sides of the conflict. Never staying too long, Fivvish wandered from port to port, searching for something to interest her before inevitably growing bored with a job and jumping ship to the next planet.

Meeting Mozz whilst working for the Howling Greks swoop gang, the two became fast friends, and she agreed to work as a bouncer in her bar once it opened. She has stayed there since, keeping an eye out for trouble and dealing with the occasional rough customer. Rumor has it she owes a life debt to the Zeltron, though over what the story varies by the teller.

Fivvish Khatol

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