Lieutenant Sarn

Customs Officer of Twindale


A fit male human in the prime of life, clean-shaven and well groomed. Hooded brown eyes tend to belie his sharp wit and attention to detail. His uniform is always well-kept with nary a hair out of place.


Graduating in the top of his class on Carida, Darius Sarn has worked his way up the ranks of the Imperial Navy, seeing little combat action but still earning his superior’s approval. Recently posted to the port of Twindale under Minister Yarlewe’s new security crackdown on smuggling and piracy, Lieutenant Sarn has taken his task with great enthusiasm.

Having a mind for minutiae, he has increased tax and fine revenue for the local administration significantly, being incessant in his inspections and rooting out the worst offenders passing through his port.

Lieutenant Sarn

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