Moff Verris

Governor of the Terril Sector


A middle aged human female of below average height and build, but with a commanding presence nonetheless. Greying black hair tucked under the peaked grey cap of the Imperial Navy crowns a creased and stern faced woman who has fought tooth and nail to earn the position she enjoys today. Her piercing blue eyes can unnerve the most chauvinist Imperial officer and command the attention of her peers in every meeting. Reserved, she commands a quiet authority, and rarely raises her voice when an even look or small gesture can make her point clear.


A very by-the-book woman, Moff Pallia Verris commands the forces of nearly fifty planetary systems and dozens of inhabited worlds, colonies, mining platforms and deep space stations. Originally from the planet Corulag, Verris served as a minor functionary in the then Republic Senate before being elected planetary governess of her homeworld. During the Clone Wars, she was integral to Corulag’s shrewd alignment with Chancellor Palpatine and enjoyed the benefits of his rise to eventual seat as the new Emperor.

Along with many other prominent citizens of her homeworld, Pallia Verris was rewarded with a promotion to new positions of power in the New Order. As the new Sector Governor, or Moff, of the Terril Sector Pallia Verris has been a model leader. Unfortunately for her, many less deserving sycophants and children of wealthy functionaries were also promoted to positions of power and prestige, to her chagrin. In the years since, she has had to deal with many inept or outright incompetent “peers” in the Imperial bureaucracy and a hefty amount of the male favoritism surrounding it.

Nevertheless, Moff Verris has made the Terril Sector a model of Imperial effieciency, stamping out unrest and embracing the Tarkin Doctrine wholeheartedly. The popular minister of Guywin’s Flight has drawn her attention, as a potential rival for her seat as Moff.

Moff Verris

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