UT-3PO (Yoo-tee)

Elya Tapaan's Assistant


A silver 3PO protocol droid, average human height and proportions with yellow photo receptors. Like all droids of his manufacture, UT-3PO has a very polite, deferential nature when dealing with organics, and is knowledgeable in all things etiquette, language, and protocol.


Assistant and servant of Elya Tapaan. UT-3PO has been in the Tapaan family’s service for over thirty years first serving Elya’s mother, Banaa, in the Republic Senate. Sent home to Guywin’s Flight to help look after her, Elya often has UT sent about town on various errands when not by her side at official functions or parties.

UT-3PO (Yoo-tee)

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