Wol Barro

Local Junk Dealer, Trader, Handy Man


A portly Aqualish, his fur graying a bit from the robust red as he is getting on in years. His two sets of eyes frame his yellowing tusks, whiskers pocking his face willy-nilly. Dressed in coveralls stained with engine lubricant and dirt, he usually smells a bit of ozone, alcohol and grease.


Wol Barro has made a living one way or another in the port of Twindale. Since before anyone can remember he has been fixing speeders, selling droids, refurbishing cooking units and power generators. Time was, he even had a bustling shop on the mid-levels of the starport, and had a robust crowd of regulars who would get their odd mechanical fixes done, or look for a bargain.

Since the Empire, Barro has fallen on hard times, having his business license revoked, his inventory confiscated, and essentially made homeless. He spends most of his spare credits on drink at the Mozz’s, the local shift worker’s bar. Still, he gets enough unofficial work to get by, and many of the old residents still remember his work fondly. Age and alcohol have not dulled his skills, but they have shortened his temper.

Never one to back down from a fight, he can be belligerent and abrasive, but will stick up for the little guy.

Wol Barro

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