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The Dark Times. Life in the Empire…

The corrupt Old Republic is swept away, the traitorous Jedi extinct. The Clone Wars are a memory, and the Empire rules a galaxy at peace once more. Or, that’s what the propaganda centers would like you to believe.

The Emperor’s New Order was promised to be an end to the constant strife and ineptitude of the old regime. It has brought a massive military to enforce this ideal to the galaxy at large. Stormtroopers stand watch at every Imperial starport, patrolling the streets for rabble-rousers and other recidivists. Non-human citizens are discriminated against, brutalized, and otherwise harassed daily with no repercussions.

Anyone who speaks out against these injustices are arrested, imprisoned, or assigned to ‘reeducation camps.’ Most are never seen or heard from again. Resistance is seldom, and most beings just hope to avoid the Empire’s scrutiny and live their life as best they can. Some beings resist, fighting small battles against the oppression they see everywhere, struggling to weaken the Empire’s grip on their homes, their friends, and their hearts.

Welcome to Guywin’s Flight!

This is a wiki page for the Star Wars Saga Edition campaign Guywin’s Flight. This game is set approximately 10-15 years after the end of the Clone Wars, into the rule of the Galactic Empire, called the Dark Times.

Here you will find links to all the people, places, and organizations your character will encounter playing on the edge of the Empire, on a small world called Guywin’s Flight. You will find pages detailing the information any character will need to know while making their way in the galaxy.

Welcome to Port Twindale. Please have your Imperial ID and ship ready for inspection…

Below are some links to some helpful information to get you started for your life in the Empire…


If you want a digital copy of the out of print books, then I reccomend you visit this link for the Sourcebooks

A very useful spreadsheet macro to build characters for Star Wars Saga Edition called Saga Forge

If you prefer a plain old fashioned character sheet, then here you go

Having a hard time making up a name for your character? Try Don Jon’s Star Wars name generator

Main Page

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