Suvo Soammu

Leader of the Howling Greks


A solidly built Rodian, about 1.8 meters tall with a shaggy beard framing his face. Dressed in fatigues with a thick pair of trousers and matching jacket, the back of which has a large stylized symbol of a leathery winged repto-mammal, the Grek. Green, scaly skin with his faceted black eyes have a strange intensity to them, sometimes daring anyone around to try and challenge him. Wearing a pair of illegally modified blaster pistols on his hips, sometimes a knife handle sticking out the top of his black boots as well, he is never ill prepared for a fight.


Suvo has led the Howling Greks for as long as anyone can remember, making them more than just a group of miscreants into an actual organized cabal of speed freaks. With intimidation and robberies, beatings and sometimes disappearances, the Greks control the underbelly of Twindale, and most of Guywin’s Flight. Rival gangs exist, but none are as large or well equipped thanks to Suvo’s influence.

An ex-lover of Dani while she was a member of the Greks, he still appears near her bar from time to time, though purely for business. There doesn’t seem to be any animosity between the two, but an uncomfortable atmosphere follows if they meet in person.

Suvo has eluded Imperial custody for years, always managing to stay a step ahead of the ISB and Chief Trask’s sting operations. He is usually topping the list of Twindale’s Most Wanted list, and more than a few bounty hunters have tried to claim the price on his head, and failed.

Suvo Soammu

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