The Howling Greks

The biggest gang on Guywin's Flight


Members of the Howling Greks are mostly non-humans, disenfranchised with their treatment under the Empire. Dressed in leathers, old work coveralls and various all temperature jackets with their symbol of a stylized leather-winged reptomammal emblazoned on patches and tattoos. Usually unkempt with facial and body piercings, dyed hair or skin, face paint and tattoos. Most are carrying knives, improvised clubs or cudgels but some have managed to buy or steal blasters and other lethal weapons.

Above all, almost every member owns and rides their own customized swoop. And those that don’t, partner up with a more powerful member, doing maintenance or other favors.


Mozz’s Bar

A ganger’s swoop is his or her’s prized possession, some being passed down or exchanged through racing competitions, deals or flat out murder. Of the gangers who manage an (somewhat) honest living, it is their main expense. The races are officially illegal but that hasn’t stopped a thriving underground circuit, with plenty of gambling to go with it. Led by Suvo Soammu, the Greks are a dangerous presence in Twindale’s underbelly.

The Howling Greks

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