Businesswoman, Shady Individual


A Falleen female, green skinned like most of her species, with violet eyes and a shaven head, except for a long tail of hair tied in a top knot. Long lacquered nails tip just the last two of her fingers on each hand, along with golden and silver rings around them. Wearing finer clothing than anyone else in the room, sometimes dresses with a revealing cut or merely the latest fashion. She has a beguiling beauty that is in some ways more subtle than that of her associate, Mozz but no less attractive.


Hailing from her homeworld of Falleen, Xozall is a successful businesswoman who is well known to the wealthy and powerful of Twindale. Operating out of the capital, many come to her for any specialty items they can’t find elsewhere.

Dealing in all manner of business, from shipping arrangements, labor deals, to purchasing or selling goods off-world, Xozall has her well manicured fingers on the pulse of commerce in Guywin’s Flight. Usually seen speaking with off-world interests, she stays out of Imperial circles, but isn’t above cutting a deal now and then. When she isn’t at an important meeting, she enjoys slumming in Mozz’s cantina, having been long time friends with the owner and bartender.


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